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  5. "Hol van az alacsony bíró?"

"Hol van az alacsony bíró?"

Translation:Where is the short judge?

July 6, 2016



Is this biro also used as a surname, like the man who invented the biro (ballpoint pen)?


why does it accept short judge but not small judge?


I am sitting here and what is this sentence.


Oh, you can use it in countless situations in Hungary

Suppose you are a young district attorney who enters a small courthouse on your first day of work and you know that there happens to be only two judges on that day. A tall, strict lady and an easy-going, short fella. In case you'd be going for the second judge, just to tell that you have new evidence and the briefing should be postponed from the following day to a later date, this is the perfect question to ask.

Or... you are a football fan approaching the club house, where the three bribed referees are just celebrating the "victory" of the team they cheated the match away for. The most-most-worsestest of all is a short fella whom you do not happen to see but you would like to! Now, you see, this is the question you would ask from the random guy in the lobby.


Ooh my, this second scene is even worse than the Italian course with the husband who must die, the girl with a knife in her boots and corpse that Duo put there before we were arrive :D :D :D (BTW we still don't know whether the girl used a bottle or a knife...)


Wow. Duo is hell fun)


Sorry I didn't realize you were Hungarian. But then you should know! :-D


To be honest, I still like "The kindergarten teacher is having lunch and sneezing" better.


What on earth is a 'short judge'?


One who is not very tall.

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