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"A leader needs to be a good man."

Translation:Một nhà lãnh đạo cần phải là một người tốt.

July 6, 2016



If the translation were "must be a good person", it would be less confusing. I wrote "một người đàn ông tốt" and it's not accepted haha


You're right. Why man? Why not woman? There are many women that are leaders. It's better to use person.


Yes, if it said "good person" then we'd all get it right. But no, DL has this 'gotcha' game going. I think the person who designed this course was a sadist.


Yeah... I have to agree on this one. They ment 'man' in the same way westerners use 'mankind', but only in this particular sentence. I call BS on this one.


This is definitely true. As explained by ScottEMatt below, I think they just got the (somewhat outdated) English definition and usage of the word 'man' (like the "all 'men' are created equal" part in the US's Declaration of Independence, "you guys", etc.). In Vietnamese "người" by itself does not infer any gender, only person.


Marked wrong for "một người đàn ông tốt". Thís is clearly the correct translation for "a good man". You need to change something here.


So "người" by itself can mean "man"?


Yes, it means person, human-being, regardless of gender and age. Although it often implies adults.


Just because "người" can refer to a "man", does not mean that the word "người" means man. The correct answer given is wrong, since it does not follow the instructions "Translate this text". The text is the word "man" not "person" or "human-being, regardless of gender and age". The word "người" does not mean "man".


You need to take cultures into context. It's normal for English to say "to be a good man" because "man" in itself can mean both a man and a human-being, and normal for Vietnamese to say "là người tốt." A leader can be either sexes, just needs to be a good human-being.

If the translation was Một nhà lãnh đạo cần phải là một người đàn ông tốt, it would be both sexist and wrong since a leader definitely does not need to be "a man."


Then it should be person, because that's the English equivalent. Not man. VernonSing is absolutely correct.


in natural English, man does not imply person, it specifies a male human. Sometimes "you guys" can refer to a group with multiple genders or even just females, but "man" does not have that flexibility.

In this case it is a relic of a past time, when any roles recognized as significant in society were assumed to be only suitable for men, as women were considered lesser, incapable beings than men. Time to get your head out of your ass duolingo. Fix this


"Since the dawn of man, humans have sought the safety of being a part of a society."

Not only from a bygone era...

...but yes: it's less common now.


They defo butchered this one


I find that, as duolingo draws examples from real world materials, that their learning material often supports unhealthy stereotypes, inequalities, etc.

Some examples are like "she's flexible because she's a secretary", or locker room talk like, "she's a bit ugly, but not bad."

This example is less harmful, but still should be, "a leader needs to be a good person" not "a good man" because a leader does not 'need' to be a man and duolingo should not be supporting that stance with their learning materials.


What exactly is 'phải' doing above? You can simply drop it.


Setting us to up fail. Bad editing


If you don't want me to use người dân ông, please ask for person instead of man.


Person or man?


This is a almost dead course. Errors are not explained or changed. First incident mentioned 4 years ago.


I am sorry our efforts went unnoticed.


Sorry if there was anything done many more errors that keep recurring would have been resolve. 4 years is a Long time. Like I have even commented about cook and cook rice in one of the exercises. Perhaps it is a good time to review the exercises that need to be resolved. Other than these annoying errors the course is not too bad. I have not tried more lessons in Thai to see if there issues like this.

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