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  5. "Abbiamo i piatti dei cuochi."

"Abbiamo i piatti dei cuochi."

Translation:We have the cooks' plates.

February 2, 2014



There should be an apostrophe in cooks', otherwise it is only plural, not possessive


I've reported this error twice now. Both times Duolingo warned me I was wrong but Accepted my properly punctuated English translation (cooks'). 2017-05-01

[edit] Wait, I see the above translation exactly matches mine. But DL still warned me I was wrong and told me "cooks" (no apostrophe) is the correct answer. What the ...?

[edit] 2017-07-07 (two months later) Still tells me "We have the cooks' plates." is a typo and gives me a "fixed" English sentence that is incorrect:

"You have a typo.

We have the cooks plates."

There must be an apostrophe to indicate possession in English.


Totally agree. With so many errors and weird translations in the English, I wonder what sort of peculiar Italian mistakes we're picking up.


Same thing with chefs. I wrote "we have the chefs' plates" which was 'corrected' in favour of "We have the chefs plates".


I think that might be because The apostrophe is not registered in the correct answers. On mobile I don't see any option with the apostrophe when using the word bank.


December 2020 now its fixed


As of Feb 4, 2019, the problem is still there.


Cuoco is singular. Cuoci is plural. So should be cook's plates (one cook having two or more plates) and not cooks' (two or more cooks having multiple plates).


No the Italian say i piatti dei cuoci. Both plates and cooks are plural, so the plural possessive was accepted for me 11/6/19


July 2019, it is fixed now


I put one in and they said I was wrong.I sometimes think they are confused


I was wondering myself if I was going mental or something, yes, absolutely wrong!


I started saying "Abbiamo..." then coughed for 5 seconds, then shouted "oh crap" - and Duolingo said "You are correct!" When I go to Italy I'm just ging to cough and swear at them.


This is exactly how I speack french


Need an apostrophe after "cooks" in the English answers. The whole point is that it's a possessive


There isn't an apostrophe at the end of cooks in the Duo correct answer on my laptop either. Should be.


we have the plates of the... oops got to go back and put the cooks plates at the beginning of the sentance


Did it not accept "We have the plates of the cooks?"


Duolingo needs to fix the problem of possessive plural nouns. Obviously, others have pointed out that need several YEARS ago. The same error when translating to English "the girls' shoes."


we have plates from the cooks is incorrect because it must be "of"? AH


Either leave two "the"-s in the solution or have the courtesy to show the apostrophe in the correct place! Otherwise the setting of the answer will never be correct!


Rebecca is perfectly correct.


Duo has omitted an apostrophe after "cook" in the correct answer. This indicates that it is posessive rather than a mere plural.


The 's for cook's wasn't an option on the choices and there's no way to type anything into the sentence


Needs an apostrophe with possessive!!


In English: we have the cook's plates (first ', than s)


Why is it that I can write "the shoes of the girls" and be correct, but cannot write "the plates of the cooks"..?


Duo continues to struggle for consistency in that. To be clear, I think that Duo would prefer to reject both those translations. There are some of those constructions that we might say in English with an of clause, but neither of these seems particularly likely to be one. If you report your answer as correct, they will eventually accept it. But they want you to automatically see this sort of construction as an English possessive or adjectival noun+noun construction. That is how these sentences would be expressed in English in the great majority of cases. There are both options in English, but not in Italian, so they really want this to be an automatic thing.


Said the sentence three times, twice with the same accent as the automated voice. Still didnt accept it


What's the difference between "abbiamo" and "ho"?


(io) ho -> I have

(noi) abbiamo -> we have


Ah, so they are just different conjugations of the same verb. I thought they were different verbs. Grazie.


Yes. I still have trouble with some of the irregular verbs. Duolingo used to let you get to the complete conjugation tables from the hints. I only recently discovered you can still get to the conjugation tables from the "Words" tab. For example, search on the ' Words' page for 'abbiamo', click on it to get the translation, then click on 'Details' to get a pop-up with the conjugation tables.

More moods and tenses should appear in the tables as you learn them, I think. Right now I only get the Indicative-present conjugations.


I wrote "we have the cooks' plates" ie perfect apostrophe, but was told I had an error! Do your homework duolingo


Cuoco is singular so it would be cook's plates. Cuochi would be plural and so would be cooks' plates


I wrote " we have the cooks ' plates " ie perfect apostrophe, but I was told that I have a typo! Do your homework duolingo!


There needs to be an apostrophe after cooks' or cook's


the Duolingo translation is wrong. It uses the plural "cooks" instead of the possessive plural "cooks' ".


I don't have a typo, I typed it just like above.they said I did


Duo is not very good with apostrophes in any language. Although it has it correct in the answer above, it told me I had a typo for the same answer.


Why exactly is "We have the plates of the cook" wrong?


it should be the cooks (plural)


Cook's not cooks'


Needs an apostrophe: I have the cooks' plates.


It is cooks'. To be possesive words that have an s need an ' after the s


Wrong as there should be an apostraphe.


"we have the plates of the cooks" should be correct don't you think? Clunky and ugly, but correct?


It is not an incorrect sentence in English. But you are failing Duo's test here. Duo's test in all the romance languages is for us to show that we understand that I piatti dei cuichi means the cooks' plates. One of the major differences between English and Italian is that English allows human possession using the 's and allows adjectival nouns that modify another noun without any form of di. That's one of the first things Duo is expecting you to look for. Now often, eventually Duo does bow to pressure and allow the ugly sentences that a native English speaker would probably never say. But that is not what they are trying to teach.


"we have the cooks' plates" was marked correct 4th March 2020


Your answer isn't correct English. The plates belong to the cook. The way you have your answer implies the cook is cooking the plates


If you are addressing Duo's answer (although Duo isn't in here to read your comment), it is correct (finally!). It says The cooks' plates. That is the proper English plural possessive.


Typo - missing apostrophe

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