"They do not bake."

Translation:הן לא אופות.

July 6, 2016

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why does the 'correction' part say "Correct solutions: הם אינם אופים", but in the comment section it says "They do not bake." Translation: הם לא אופים.? are they both right or only one?


Both are right, in present tense you can use "אין" and its inflections instead of "לא". So the correct translations for this sentence can be -

הם לא אופים

הן לא אופות

הם אינם אופים

הן אינן אופות


so that means that the system is wrong and they need to fix it? because it marked me as wrong when i selected both of them


Technically, doesnt הן לא אופות mean they aren't bakers?


It can be either. אופה either means "a baker" or "is baking".

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