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"Early in the morning and late in the evening."

Translation:Wcześnie rano i późno wieczorem.

July 6, 2016



what is the difference between the "z" with a dot and the "z" with a line on top?


Ź and Ż represent completely different sounds (/ʑ/ and /ʐ/ respectively). Unfortunately, neither of them is present in English. If you are not familiar with them you should check out some resources on phonetics.


Well, Ż is used in words like 'vision'. Anyway, I'd recommend checking here.


I must admit it's quite a good approximation but not always. That's why I didn't think about it.


I disagree. If you say "pleż'r," you're saying it with a foreign accent. Vision, pleasure, and measure, make a much more similar sound to Ź than to Ż. English doesn't really have a retroflex voiced fricative Ż, although it's similar. Wikipedia gives an example of "mirage" for Ż, but I plainly hear Ź in mirage. It also gives "pleasure" as an example of the English voiced postalveolar fricative "zh", and that's closer to the Polish voiced alveolo-palatal fricative Ź than the Polish voiced retroflex fricative Ż.


In Russian, rano utrom i pozdno wiecierom


Is "rano" instrumental here?


It's an adverb. It could be expressed by a noun in instrumental, then it would be "Wczesnym rankiem".


Could anyone explain why instrumental would work here please? I don't think I've come across this before :)


I see I guess "rano" is like "morgens" in German and "ranko" is "Der Morgen"?


"ranek" is "Der Morgen". "ranko" is not a word :) Although I can perfectly understand how you arrived at it.


No, "rano" is an adverb that already means "in the morning".


Why 'i' and not 'a', since they seem to be opposites? (maybe 'a' is accepted, I haven't tested)


They're not really opposite because that's just listing two times of the day. It's the same level of opposition as "a man and a woman", without some sentence there's no contrast, just two nouns.

If here we had "Early in the morning I do X and late in the evening I do Y", then yes, that's contrast and we would use "a".

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