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"Vi vil ikke gentage vores ord."

Translation:We will not repeat our words.

July 6, 2016



How can I tell words is plural here?


I had a similar question is mind: is "we will not repeat our word" a possible translation?


It's accepted, but I'm with you two: seems really ambiguous?


It is. Neither vores nor ord have a distinct plural form, so it can mean both. It wouldn't really make a difference here anyway. :)


We could use vort ord for "our word" and vore ord for "our words", but I think that these forms are outdated.


No such thing as outdated in the world of linguistics. Languages are forever changing, whilst some words get changed out for new ones, older words might see a resurgence. Use what words befit your fancy no matter their age, so long as they are from the language you are using.

As I am Swedish "vort" and "vore" sounds perfectly fine seeing as, in Swedish, we say "vårt/våran" and "våra".

If you use "vort" and danish people think you sound old-fashioned, do not be ashamed. Be proud, for your linguistic knowledge is not limited to only that of modern Danish.

Old words can be rather charming.

I, who for example work with leather in my spare time, am by some called an amateur leather worker. However, I would find it absolutely adoring if people called me an amateur codder instead (early 16th century term for a leather worker).

Basically, what I'm saying is, it's up to each and one of us to decide which words we wish to use. Sorry for trailing off XD


For HuiMeiquan:

Would you say in your native Swedish mor or mamma?


ordet - the word ordene - the words

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