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"Anthem genedlaethol"

Translation:A national anthem

July 6, 2016



Genedlaethol looks like a compound of some type - how does it parse?


It comes from cenedl, which means 'nation' (and 'generation'). -ol is a common adjectival ending.

cenhedlaeth is another word for 'generation' which has also been used for 'nation' in the past.


Cenedl is also distantly related to English kin, Latin genus, and French genre.


Is there a rule for when 'ae' is pronounced more like 'ai' (as in 'ugain') and when it is like 'ei' (as in 'beic') or am I just mishearing this sound?

I thought it was generally 'ai' unless it came before another vowel, as in 'gaeaf' and 'chwaraeon', in which case it is pronounced more like the sound of 'ei'

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