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  5. "אני שומר את העגבניה שלךָ."

"אני שומר את העגבניה שלךָ."

Translation:I keep your tomato.

July 6, 2016



Shouldn't שומר also mean guard? It wasn't accepted.


I think because it says "שומר את" it can't be guard.

to guard is Lishmor Al


The את is because עגבניה is definite, has nothing to do with the verb. I agree, guard should be accepted here.


That's לְשַׁמֵר על yes? That's to preserve on it's own, keep on with the al. Reverso has it as reserve or maintain. Why do you keep insisting this is the answer? Is it the biblical Hebrew answer? Or are the translations wrong?


I agree it accepts "keep" or "save" so why not "guard"?

With so many crazy sentences on duo it's easy to imagine one of London's Beefeater guards protecting the queen's tomato.


Cute, the Beefeater guarding the Queen's beefsteak tomato!


I think this is more like "I save your tomato (for you)".


Or a school bully who really likes tomatoes.


Perhaps 'protect' should be accepted for שומר ?


Protect is Lishmor Al


It would greatly help to have a slow version of the audio. The speaker speaks much too rapidly for a beginner to grasp any meaning.


This is the course I started before Duolingo: http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/hebrew-duolingo/

It's all the vocab used in Duolingo broken up the same way Duolingo does with audio. But no grammar. I'm on #41, I've found it very helpful to know the vocab before using it sentences.

Ok also in the Reverso app you can get the computer voice version of all the words in the dictionaries it has including Hebrew. You can slow it down in the settings. Mine is so slow she sounds drunk. (Note reverso website does NOT have the audio feature). (Btw, your last name is kind of like the Hebrew word for waiter I think... מֶלְצַר meltsar... I went to summer camp with Melzer brothers... )


That is why my Israeli cousins changed their names to Inbar.


Well, עִנְבָּר amber is also a speaking name.


TeribleTeri: I don't know why, but I can't get any audio in Hebrew on Reverso. I can get audio on each and every other language on their site (I believe), but not for Hebrew. Also, my Duolingo app doesn't usually allow me to use the turtle version of the audio for Hebrew, although it does for some other languages I'm studying and/or dabbling in. (But, hope someone else can use those pieces of advice.)


I am keeping your tomato marked incorrect.


I wrote "I look after your tomato" and it was marked wrong. I wonder why...


Well, to look after in the sense of to watch and protect, to keep safe is שָׁמַר עַל, like אֲנִי שׁוֹמֵר עַל הַיְלָדִים כׇּל הַזְּמַן I babysit the children all the time or אֱלֹהִים הוּא שֶׁמוֹבִיל וְשׁוֹמֵר עָלַי G-d is the one who leads and safeguards me.


¡Very clear! ¡Thank you Ingeborg!


Ignore my comment!


... as a souvenir.

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