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"I want lamps, telephones and clocks."

Translation:Én lámpákat, telefonokat és órákat kérek.

July 6, 2016



kérek - I would like to have. Akarok - I want. Is it not the case?


I would like to have is more like "szeretnék" (szeret = love, like). I might translate "I want X for Christmas" to "X-et szeretnék karácsonyra". Kérni is to ask for literally, akarni is to want. I hope that helps a bit (akarni would have been more consistent I guess).


Yes. And the English sentence does not specify whether it is an "asking for" situation or just a general statement of, for example, what I need in my office. Without context, "akarok" seems to be the more correct translation.


You are right. This is a repeating mistake.


how is kerek and akarok different in this example?


Akarok was marked wrong for I want. I reported it.

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