"What are you doing?"

Translation:Mit csinálsz?

July 6, 2016

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Another translations could be "(Önök) mit csinálnak?" or "(Ti) mit csináltok?" Right?


Maybe it is worth mentioning whether the sentence is a polite form or not.


It sounds like a scolding really, where it is kind of implied, that what you are doing is wrong :D Polite would be just "Mit csinálsz?" or if you are asking a specific person, "Te mit csinálsz?". Of course, with right intonation these all can be impolite, but that's the same as in English. Note that this is informal speech, so "Mit csinálsz?" could still be impolite if speaking in informal would be impolite.


What is the difference between Mi and Mit?


Both mean what, but "mit" is used when the answer would in accusative. Q: Mi ez? A: Torta vs. Q: Mit csinálsz? A: Tortát. (Q: What is this? A: A cake. vs Q: What are you making? A: A cake).


I translated in the singular and it was not accepted. "What are you doing?" could be either...How do I know they want the translation in the plural?


I think this needs to be reported.


I did! not sure anything will happen!


Csináltok is for (ti)


What are you doing? →Mit csinálsz? ・・・Is this incorrect? Why?  I think “Mit csinálok?” →“What am I doing? ”


What are you doing is indeed "Mit csinálsz" it is correct. And Mit csinálok? is What am I doing, so that is correct as well.


Thank you for your quick reply. I asked because there was no “What am I doing,” in the English translation options for “Mit csinálok?” in Duolingo's Hungarian lesson. There were three answer options, two of which were clearly incorrect English. And the other one was “What are you doing”. When you selected this, it was the "correct answer". However, I think "Mit csinálok?" is "What am I doing," not "What are you doing," so I asked here. However, I don't think "Mit csinálok?" is "What are you doing," but "What am I doing," ..... so I asked here.


That sounds like something that needs to be reported!


I thought that might be the case (wrong question?),too, but I couldn't judge it by myself.

Thank you for your advice!

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