"Nem ez az autó drága, hanem az a másik."

Translation:It is not this car that is expensive but that other one.

July 6, 2016

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There are two sentences like this (the other involving a famous actor I think). They both need verbs in the first clause. "It is no this car THAT IS expensive[...]". Reported, but maybe the admins can kill two birds with one stone.


Oh looks like I have to improve my English to improve my Hungarian


Isn't "This car is not expensive but that other one is" effectively equivalent?


That was the answer I gave as well. I noticed that in this course the translations to English can be very problematic because it penalizes sentences in English that have the same meaning as the original Hungarian


Shouldn't the following sentence be also possible: "This car is not expensive but another one"?


The author is trying to enforce a nuance in meaning which is quite subjective and even eludes native speakers - including me. The whole lesson is pointless.


Maybe English makes less of a distinction than Hungarian

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