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"Politicians are interesting people."

Translation:A politikusok érdekes emberek.

July 6, 2016



Interesting case of syntactic ambiguity: does this mean that the politicians can be said to be interesting, or does it mean that they are provoking interest in people? I'm guessing that the latter would be translated as something like "A politikusok érdekelnek embereknek/embereket".


It means they are people that someone would find interesting. For "Politicians are interesting people" in the sense of invoking interest, it would be "A politikusok embereket érdekelnek".


Exactly. But Hungarian people never use this sentence: "A politikusok embereket érdekelnek." The meaning is totally correct, and we will understand it, if you use, but we say this: "A politikusok érdekes emberek".


Maybe i dont understand the word "erdekes" correctly, I always thought it had a slight negative connotation, as if youre calling something "weird" but trying to be tongue-in-cheek or sarcastic by saying it's interesting.


It seems to have a more positive connotation to me when it is used to describe radio or television programs.

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