"Leslie is having lunch."

Translation:László ebédel.

July 6, 2016

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Is László really translated to Leslie!


No, Leslie is a girl name, Laszlo is usually a male name. I don't think this is an accurate translation


Leslie can be a boys name too. Leslie Nielsen, Leslie Grantham and Leslie Crowther to name but three :) I still think the translation of Laszlo is just Laslo however.


Right. Also, some Hungarian emigrants anglicize their names, and László becomes Leslie or Les, (e.g.: Les Murray, Australian-Hungarian TV-presenter. I never realised he was Hungarian with such an Anglo-Saxon name, until he was a guest on a Hungarian special of a World Food show, making lécsó!)

Still, agree: maybe the "English translations" should be accepted, but I would take out all the recommendations to use "John" or "Leslie", or: Zsuzsi as "Susie" (I don't know why, but that last one really creeps me out, completely changes her personality!)


Leslie is a boy's name. The girl's version is Lesley. However, I agree with all those who say names should not be translated. Up to now Laszlo has not been translated in the "correct" answers.


My father's name was László and it was anglicized to Leslie when we moved to Canada. His father was Lajós and HE anglicized it in our photo album as Louis. My name was Zsusanna (Zsuzsi) and I became Susie. My brother was András (Bandi) and he became Andrew (Andy). My mother's name was Klara and the minor modification there was changing the K to C, so Clara.

During waves of immigration to the new world the latest to arrive were the underdogs. Immigrants struggled to assimilate and avoid discrimination. There was always a new group to look down on.

It is only recently that I see people reverting to or keeping their given name, especially in cinema credits and book titles. Hollywood in the 20th century promoted "ethnic cleansing" of people's origins especially if their names were difficult to spell or pronounce in English, or if they were Jewish.


This should be fixed.


Yes, but it isn't as of Sept 1st 2016.


Sometimes. you will be incorrect if you leave off the accent from Péter when you translate to English and other times you are incorrect if you don't keep it on. Sometimes János is just János while other times it becomes Janos without the accent or John. Consistency please!

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