"This is the orange."

Translation:זה התפוז.

July 7, 2016

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ze ha-tapúz.


HOW Can i set the sentences on speaker so i can hear the spoken words


some sentences don't have an audio recorded


Most sentences in the Hebrew course don't have audio for either the sentence, the individual words, or both.

Which is way below standard for a Duo course -- all other courses I've encountered (6) have audio very consistently. Even the Yiddish course, which is only in beta!, has audio.

Especially without the vowels included, here most of the time we are just randomly/wildly guessing what the words sound like.


The Hebrew course was made in spite of a TTS not existing, which is what other languages used at the time. That is why only full sentences were recorded. It was an experiment in a way. Then it was announced that a new tree would be made, to help teach the letters better, because the platform on Duo was updated in the meantime. Sadly, about a month or two ago, Duo announced that all volunteer courses will be transformed into staffed courses and all the work that the Hebrew team invested (they even started recording audio for the new tree) was scrapped and they are locked out of the incubator. Nobody knows how long this limbo will last.


Oh yikes. That sounds terrible & like a waste of those folks' time?

Can I ask: what is TTS? And, do you mean this course used to be just put together by volunteers, or that all the mods/ongoing contributors were volunteers, and then Duolingo decided to only let paid people contribute from that point on? (Clearly there is a lot I don't know about the politics here.)


TTS - Text-to-Speech. That is the robotic sounding voices in some languages.

Most courses on Duo were made by volunteers. Anyone could apply to create a course. That will no longer be the case.


@danny -- Thanks for explaining! This all continues to sound terrible. I'm sorry those volunteers' time was wasted like this, and hate that we are further away from getting reliable audio for the Hebrew course.


is it wrong to say זה את התפוז


Yes, it is wrong. את is a preposition that goes with the accusative, but not with the nominative. Here, the orange is the subject, not the (direct) object, so you don't need any preposition with it.

The "the" is hidden in the ה preposition. That is, התפוז gives the definite "The Orange".


Why isn't הזה התפוז correct?


"this is" the זה doesn't get the definite article

"this" it does


You could say התפוז הזה which means "This (specific) orange".


How is "התפוז" pronounced?

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