"A szék itt van."

Translation:The chair is here.

July 7, 2016

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Shouldnt "The chair is over here" work?


Im kinda confused about van, like I dont fully understand the meaning


I just had "az autó van ott" before this. Is the word order usually different in this way or is it here ("itt van") just to emphasise that the chair is here and not there?


I'd say it's the most neutral word order for "being somewhere" that you put the location in front of the appropriate form of "van". One could say the location is the most natural thing to emphasize in such sentences. For "Az autó van ott", the emphasis is clearly on "the car (and not something else)". If you see a sentence like "The car is there", I think it's better to avoid that word order.


Here is the chair??

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