"A tall girl waits there."

Translation:Egy magas lány vár ott.

July 7, 2016

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Is "egy magas lány ott vár" not a possibility?


It's also correct.


I just don't know how Duolingo is going to cope with the flexibility of word order in Hungarian sentences.


Hmm, could you leave out the article here as well?


That would sound odd to me. I would write according to my 17 years experience, "Ott vár egy magas lány," (which stresses 'there' rather than the girl), but Duolingo rejected it.


I think over a decade of experience is sufficient here, thank you. :D

And this course is still in beta, so don't be afraid to report any correct sentence that isn't accepted yet. I think, to reply to your point earlier, the 'coping' of Duo with the Hungarian language will be brute-forcing every possible sentence into the database. It'll be a bit of time and work.


Thank you for your kind reply. I agree with what you say. I am trying to get graded and go through the system not out of necessity but curiosity and in the hope I can help with development :)


I chose that word order also, as the "there" seemed to need stressing. And i'm only just starting to learn.

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