"Te látsz valamit?"

Translation:Do you see something?

July 7, 2016



Is vala- a morpheme/prefix attaching itself to mi-t? Could you say something like valaki for "someone"?

July 7, 2016


valahol for "sometime"?

July 7, 2016


Valaki = someone

Valami = something

Valahol = somewhere

Valamikor = sometime

July 7, 2016


I was wondering that too Köszönöm!

April 24, 2017


Thanks for both asking and answering fellow learners! I gave you both lingots but you deserve many more!

January 15, 2019


Isn't it possible, as you normally do in the English language, to use an indefinite compound with "any" here, namely "anything"?

July 11, 2016


You can replace "vala-" with "akár-" or "bár-" and you will have: akármi or bármi and the meaning will be "anything".

July 22, 2016


Is it not that "Do you see anything" is not just acceptable, but actually better than "Do you see something"? Or is there a subtlety of meaning I am not picking up on?

September 1, 2016


In this example, with "Do you see __?" there's not much difference between the two, but in a lot of contexts, there is a huge difference between "some" (indefinite but specific) and "any" (indefinite and non-specific).

Think of the sentences "Do you have something for me?" and "Do you have anything for me?" In the first, the speaker has something specific in mind. In the second, the speaker doesn't and it doesn't matter what the identity of the possible thing is.

I'm not an authority on Hungarian in any way, as I'm only up to here in the course and new almost nothing about it before I started, but from Wiktionary:

valami = something

akármi / bármi = anything, whatever, (whatsoever)

... it looks like Hungarian also has a distinction in these words. This may not be the best sentence to teach it with, because we use them pretty much interchangeably in this context, but still, I think there's a reason for not accepting "anything" in this sentence.

September 9, 2016


I think in English there is a difference. If I say "Do you see something?" I am hopeful the person sees something. I THINK they might be seeing something.

If I say "Do you see anything?" I am hoping that the person sees something. But I am doubting that they will see anything.

January 15, 2019
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