"The kindergarten teacher flies above the tall tree."

Translation:Az óvónő a magas fa fölött repül.

July 7, 2016



Are fölött and felett interchangeable?

July 7, 2016


Yes, their meaning is the same.

July 7, 2016


yes, but if you can, please use fölött as Hungarian is already full of e sounds.

July 9, 2016


I would prefer the ö-version especially for the case of "fölé" (above there) because there is another post position "felé" meaning "into the direction".

July 31, 2016


Teacher with superpower!!!

August 29, 2016


the sentence is just hilarious :D Is it super wrong to repül.after óvónő?

September 14, 2016


No, that's fine. You just shift the focus with that from where she flies to who is flying.

December 19, 2016


...Az óvónő folott a magas fa fölött repül....

---------- somehow i think hunkies need that second fo:lo:tt in order to understand . but, of course, duo doesn't let me . . .

5 apr 18

April 6, 2018


Yeah, because that does not work. Remember that fölött is a postposition, so your "az óvónő fölött" means "above the kindergarten teacher".

You only get the doubling of postposition if you're working with demonstrative pronouns, meaning if they fly above "this" tree (e fölött a fa fölött) or "that" tree (a fölött a fa fölött).

April 6, 2018


I do not believe they have ever mentioned felett before. Have they?

May 11, 2018


They use it occasionally in this course, but it's just a spelling variant of fölött, so there's not much new to learn. :)

May 11, 2018
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