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"Ученик ждёт кого-то возле библиотеки."

Translation:A student is waiting for somebody near the library.

July 7, 2016



A student is waiting near the library for somebody


My god, that pronunciation had my head spinning.


The student waits someone by the library


Wait can only take an object with the preposition 'for'.


Waiting on someone*** should be accepted


"To wait on (someone)" in the sense of "to wait for (someone)" is a variant that has become more common in recent years, at least in North American English. But to my ears, this "to wait on" (= "to wait for") sounds like a regionalism (perhaps originating in the Southern states?) and is certainly substandard. "To wait on," as Neon_Iceberg says, really means "to serve as a waiter." No educated person would say "Waiting on Godot" … I offer this as a native speaker of North American English.


In its most common usage, “to wait on” means to serve like a waiter. But it can also do double duty and be used in a sense similar to “wait for.” There are cases when a student can wait on someone/somebody, so I think your choice is should be accepted, but the Russian one is closer to "waiting for".


Why is a schoolboy rejected?

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