"A takarítónő az óvónő mellett repül: ez gyönyörű!"

Translation:The cleaning lady is flying beside the kindergarten teacher: It's beautiful!

July 7, 2016

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I'm glad that cleaning ladies are getting to fly, too. One of my good Hungarian friends is a cleaning lady. She would love to fly.


I feel that from now on, the cleaning lady and the kindergarden teacher will become good friends.


Moreover, they use brooms, and that is the standard vehicle for witches.


A takarítónők don't need to fly on brooms, because az óvónők don't use meter sticks!


Forgot the second "t" in mellett. A hair's breadth from victory. I am very sad right now.


Well finally those óvónős got themselves a partner


I wish the course would use professions with a single word short translation. It is just annoying to type cleaning lady and kindergarten teacher over and over again.


or that the course would use other professions than always the same ones.


Oh I so do agree with both of you!!


I got the right answer because I was able to anticipate what unidiomatic English you were expecting. I wish you would be half so clever about getting your English right as you are about inventing ridiculous sentence.


I have to admit "dqJacO" that I would much prefer learning sentences that I could plug into my daily encounters with Hungarians too. But, I am afraid THAT is a "bucket list" item. Meanwhile, I'd like to know why English "present continuous"......"the cleaning lady is flying"....is not accepted as an alternative translation here; as it is in many other example questions.


I suppose that the person who prepared this course was in love to a kindergarten teacher because it is used 90% of the course! I can understand but I hate to write it because it is too long, kkk


In love with, not to.


But can cleaning ladies walk on the water?


A magyar kurzus mondatai hajmeresztőek. Ember legyen a talpán, aki először tnul magyar nyelvet és ezekből megtanulja. Kétlem. Sok mondat túl hosszú, és teljesen haszontalan, senki nem fog ilyen mondatokat használni, még magyar ember sem. Plusz a magyarok értelmi szintjéről és mentalitásáról elég rossz képet fest. Talán ez a realitás, nem tudom. De ha így haladunk, a magyar nyelv kihal...


The suggestion gives nursery school teacher, which is British English, but then the translation does not allow it.


szívosak ezek az óvónők pedig egypárszor már leestek a repülőgépek közül.


Some programmer had a very. Weird. Childhood...


I think they have eased up a bit on that by the possessives. De igen, nagyon furcsa!


Hungarian airspace must be incredibly crowded, but I suppose the beauty of the spectacle makes up for the clutter.


The kindergarten teacher has finally found a friend.


This one gave me a giggle too..


How many more living flying creatures am I going to find in this course? One was one too many! Leave them down to earth!


I always think who wrote this kind of sentence was under LSD effect! :-)


Are ovonos secretly superheroes or something?


And again we distinguish between "nursery teacher" and "kindergarten teacher". I'm getting tired of it.


Brooms are for sitting on and not just for sweeping with. At least they are doing it together. People here have such imaginations. Why not suppose that they are seated next to each other on the same aeroplane?

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