"Péter lát vacsorát."

Translation:Péter sees dinner.

July 7, 2016

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Is "Péter sees dinner" a complete english sentence? For me "Peter sees 'the' dinner" sounds much more right.


Weird sentence. Never mind it.


Péter sees the dinner = Péter látja a vacsorát


It is kind of a strange sentence as far as figuring out where it would be used, but "Péter sees dinner" is perfectly fine English and sounds more natural than "Péter sees the dinner" to me unless there is something specific you want to say about the dinner. There are many exceptions, but articles are often dropped in English for meals, and this is often non-optional (especially if there is no additional emphasis or modifier (such as an adjective).)


Nice, I didn't know that. But the hungarian sentence is definitely wrong. "Péter látja a vacsorát." is correct. It can be used when Péter is standing by the table, dinner is on it and he can see it.


"Names of meals normally do not take an article:

Did you have breakfast this morning? I'll have fruit for lunch. Let's go out for dinner tonight.

But if there is an adjective before the name of the meal or a phrase or clause after it, an article is used:

The breakfast that they served was fabulous. I had a quick lunch at Wendy's. That was the most delicious dinner I've had in a while."



Péter vacsorához lát.


istvanatanulo: I think, that means, that Péter is looking in the direktion of the dinner. Maybe in this case, lát is also not o.k. and néz has to be used.


One tip to pleasing your wife : As Eve enters the house, she sees dinner on the table. :)

Ha beírom a translateba :"Péter vacsorához lát.", Peter sees dinner-t ír ki. Gondoltam, jó egy poénnak. :)

Egyébként: "Péter vacsorát lát." Ami a nagy? nehézségeket? megoldja.


Sehogy se életszerű ez mondat. Se így, hogy „Péter vacsorát lát.”, se úgy, hogy „Péter lát vacsorát.”.


No one says "Péter lát vacsorát.". A Hungarian would mostly say "Péter vacsorát lát. ".


Ez egy magyartalan mondat.

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