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  5. "Ich pies je mięso."

"Ich pies je mięso."

Translation:Their dog is eating meat.

July 7, 2016



Is "ich" pronounced like it is in German? The audio sounds like "ch"


There's something really strange about the audio, true. No, it's not, for a Polish ear the German "ich" sounds like "iś", so that's not even remotely close.

Many pronunciation guides compare the h = ch (same sound, just an orthography issue) sound in Polish to the sound in the original, Scottish pronunciation of Loch Ness.


Could you spell it phonetically?


Well, if you know IPA, that's [ix]. The x sound (do not confuse it with what the letter x sounds like) isn't really used in English, apart from Scotland.

But if you have problems with that, I guess better just go with "h" like in "hat".


actually, the /x/ is softened due to the preceding /i/. the Polish softened /x/ does sound like "ch" in some German dialects


a close approximation using english letters would be "khh", just pronounce "ich" like "ikh" or "ikhh", shoudn't be too tough.


I think there are two ways Germans pronounce "ch". One way is like "ś", as you said, and the other one is a palatalized version of Polish "ch", like Russian "хь". I am not sure, though, it's just what I hear.


you are absolutely right. Bavarians pronounce it like "kh", and the rest of Germany like "sh", which is also the proper Hochdeutsch version. But both are acceptable nach meiner meinung.


Ich pies je mięso


That is exactly what the main answer looks like.


Hold on. "Their dog EATS meat" is perfectly correct - my Polish is still pretty basic but I know that. So why was it not accepted??


The action takes place in this moment, so their dog is eating meat.


There's nothing to say that the action takes place in this moment: the sentence could be a general statement, though it wouldn't be a particularly surprising one. And even if it did refer to an immediate here-and-now action, you might see the dog devouring a steak and say "Their dog eats meat! Jings, I thought it was a vegetarian!"


I have answered "their dog eats meat" and it's been accepted (31/10/2020)


the female audio sounds robotic; "pies" sounds like "jes" when pronounced in isolation by the female voice (the "p" is missing)


We started testing new voices (Google TTS) and I am quite confident that they will soon replace the old ones. Therefore I don't think there's much sense in reporting issue for the old voices, I believe they will soon be gone.


My vegetarian dog is offended by this sentence. Were he on Duolingo, he would stop using it.

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