"Milyen példát látsz?"

Translation:What kind of example do you see?

July 7, 2016

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I get the literal translation, but in English we wouldn't often "see" an example. What meaning is this sentence conveying? Is it something like "what sort of example can you think of"?


You can see plenty of examples. If I ask you to show me examples of art in the room your in you may list the examples that you see.


Same doubt here. This made no sense to me...


Well, a példa can be an exercise and it can also be something physical that one can take a look at. But sure, in the "precedent" sense, it can be like "what precedents do you know (as in personally know, being exposed to)", including the implied question "can you look up on someone, do you have someone who sets good precedents to follow?"


Why is "which" example wrong?


Milyen? - what (kind of)? Melyik? - which?


would " What sort of example do you see" be correct as well


I hate which and what and their use in English as a native speaker. If you don't know how many possible things there could be you should use "what" and if you do know (i.e. "which country") then you should put "which." I don't know if this rule applies in Hungarian though.


My father occasionally asks "Which?" when he doesn't hear what you said. I think this comes from being told "It's impolilte to say 'What?'" so rather than saying "Pardon?" he says "Which?"


Interesting to hear that, for me as a non-native English speaker this usage of "Which" would sound completely off. And your father is a native I suppose?


At the beginning of the course, sentences should be simpler

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