"A gazdag és híres izraeli író a kicsi folyó mellett ül és ír."

Translation:The rich and famous Israeli writer is sitting and writing beside the small river.

July 7, 2016

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is sitting...and writing should surely be accepted, too.


"The rich and famous Israeli writer sits beside the small river and he's Irish." should be accepted too.


no because he's Israeli


What's with the ultra long sentences? Seriously look at this? Was this necessary? IS this how you get your sick kicks?


little is not accepted


I leave behind my opinion for this one time, but this sentence is prop and packed with contradictions not to harden "not even for a romantic novel in Hungarian" = to translate --- greeting


I was only offered is sitting and writing not sits and writes!


that should be correct as well, since there's no difference between them in hungarian, as we only have one kind of present


Does anybody else find some of these sentences so long that they are hard to remember as you type? In the other course I am following (Spanish), the sentences are much shorter, and I find I can concentrate on the grammar point more easily. I do realise the course compilers for Hungarian are trying to help us practise as much vocab as possible at once, but still......!

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