"A titkárnők asztala új és drága."

Translation:The secretaries' table is new and expensive.

July 7, 2016

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There is an apostrophe missing on secretaries'. Must of the plural possessive nouns in this section are also missing.


The default translation I see above does have the apostrophe.


But not in the actual exercise, Nicky is right. I report this whole bunch.


The table of the secretaries is new and expensive. Not "....expenseive"


Is there a difference between a titkárnők az asztala or a titkárnők asztala? It seems like the definite article is sometimes there but sometimes not.


It's either a titkárnők asztala or a titkárnőknek az asztala

There's not much difference between them, but usually the shorter version is used, because, well, it's shorter.


"a titkárnők az asztala" is not correct, at least not in this sense. It could mean "his/her table is the secretaries".


Should this be "a titkárnők az asztaluk?


Edit: Just read the tipps section. The suffix loses its plural form when the possessor is a noun. /e

I would not have noticed it, but now I wonder too.

Although it should be either
a titkárnők asztaluk
a titkárnőknek az asztaluk


I know that asztal is table and íróasztal is desk, but I think in this context desk should be accepted.


We still have a significant problem here. Secretaries can share an asztala, firefighters can share an autója but criminals share an autójuk. Will someone please explain whether it's the case that Hungarian is imprecise/flexible about the use of his, her, their or whether there is a rule and if so, how does it work?


Everyone is becoming quite understandably confused now. How can secretaries (plural) have an, (his/her), asztala? I see below that asztala is said to be used because it's shorter. Where is the precision here? Someone needs to step in and resolve the asztala versus asztaluk issue.


Shamarth's reply above is correct: it's either a titkárnők asztala or a titkárnőknek az asztala, with the former preferred for its brevity. I can't explain why it's not asztaluk; all I know is that it sounds totally wrong that way.


This is getting silly!

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