"A városnak a bankja nagyon gazdag és híres."

Translation:The city's bank is very rich and famous.

July 7, 2016

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Is there a difference between a városnak a bankja and a város a bankja? How come dative is not used sometimes?


If you mean "a városnak a bankja" and "a város bankja" (without the second 'a') then my answer is nothing. :)


so it is wrong to have a definite article for the object being possessed?


Without using "-nak", it is. "a város a bankja" actually means "the city is his/her/its bank"


This is a weird sentence in English. People are rich and famous, whereas banks are well known and successful, I would suggest.


Yeah, I guess well known instead of famous makes sense, but a "rich" bank might imply some statement about worth on the stock exchange market? Or high equity ratio? Or it is "too big to fail"?


When will you stop with suchan erroneous questions to annoy people What is wrong in ''A varos bankja'' So all the people in Hungary would say to you and you will insist ''A varosnak a bankja''You try to be ''the greater catholic than the Pope''as we Serbs use to say

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