Thanks Duo

While I'm still shy speaking Swedish, the lessons I learned in Duo helped me out considerably when I recently visited there. All I really wanted to be able to do was know enough to get around in Stockholm, and along the way I was able to read amusing ads and some parts of the newspaper and understood a little about the morning programs talking about Midsommar (and then Brexit happened and forget knowing much about what they were saying in Swedish! A little too advanced for me at this point).

Also through Duo I knew right away to take my shoes off in my cousin's home. :D

July 7, 2016


Hurra! \o/ Och väldigt kul att höra. :) Hoppas du gillade Sverige.

July 7, 2016

Roligt att du hade användning för det du lärt dig på Duolingokursen! Ska du fortsätta studera svenska?

July 10, 2016

I still consider my Swedish bad so I'm answering in English. :) I definitely plan on continuing to study because well, I'm writing you in English. :D But I guess it's helpful to learn all the different sentences so you can guess things and piece things together as opposed to being limited to travel related things. :) And I always look at foreign languages as a kind of code to break which makes it more fun.

A lady at a bookstore asked me what I thought was so funny when I was looking at this book and laughing. I was happy to show her, and she found it amusing too, and I learned from my 8 year old cousin who kept saying "Kollat" (hope that's spelled right) :) about his phone that that meant "Check this out."

July 10, 2016

Jag håller med! Det är så mycket lättare att förstå skriven text än att skriva själv. För mig gäller det speciellt tyska. Jag förstår mycket, men är så pass osäker på grammatiken att jag helst inte skriver (eller ännu värre talar).

Din kusin sa nog "Kolla!" Kollat är supinum, som i t.ex. "Har du kollat din mobil?".

July 10, 2016

I guess his speech bubble popped too fast before I could really read it. :D

July 11, 2016
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