"Eu estou com a sua TV."

Translation:I have your TV.

January 31, 2013

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Duo may not be as good as a full time teacher but it's a lot cheaper and if you read the comments it goes a long way towards it. And besides which teacher will be there with me in the middle of the night?


Oh duolingo, usually wanting literal translations, and when I translate it to "Your TV is with me" which is closer to the Portuguese words in the sentence, I lose a heart. Frustrating. =s. It is also good to know that there are two ways to say you have something, I guess it makes sense in English as well. Though I guess the distinction isn't always that strong. Now I know how to say "Your son is with me." as opposed to "I have your son." :D


They need to start teaching/presenting these compound forms as "one" idea. It should give you a hint that "estar com" means "to have".


Absolutely. This is the biggest drawback to duolingo...I translate the sentence as "I am with your TV" and got it right. In my opinion, that should have been wrong and they should have said "I have your TV" is the correct translation.

This site will never be a substitute for a real teacher.


Right. I also wrote that and if hadn't seen this discussion I would have missed the 'estar com'/'have' connection. Thanks!


Yes, and the same for other idiomatic constructions.


right - the annotations are helpful


That is inverted. The closest, and accepted is, "I'm with your TV".


no Dan it is not accepted.


For me, this was marked as incorrect, and the correct answer is shown as 'I have your TV' (April 2019).


Message understood. I won't contact la policia. What is your demands?


"have got" is a terrible translation.... shouldn't this be "Eu tenho sua TV"?


"Eu estou com a sua TV" has the meaning of "I temporarily have your TV." whereas "Eu tenho sua TV" sounds strange. I think it has a stronger meaning as in "I own your TV", which doesn't make much sense.


I think it sounds like a kidnapping. I (temporarily) have your TV, give me 2 million and you can have it back


entao, estar com = temporarily have? obrigada!


I am with your TV. ( not a natural translation in English) I would say " Eu tenho sua TV" ????


This is a case in which literal translations don't work

  • I have yout TV = eu estou com a sua TV.


waiiiiiiit tho - wouldn´t it be a TV dele? or something????

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Without context, you could say that "sua TV" means "his/her TV".


So it means "i am with" in the sense of being near something because it is in your possession.


Why is "i have had" wrong?


= Eu tinha estado com a sua TV.


Is this "a" mandatory?


Hello, im brazilian and i want someone native to talk using something like whatsapp or similiar. Im learning english and i can help with portuguese. Someone interesting?


In English, "I am with your TV," would be a perfectly acceptable and natural (if cryptic) response to a question like, "Where are you?" Is "Estou com sua TV," an acceptable response to "Onde você está?" If so, then the literal English translation should be accepted.

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