"Ki viszi a fiúkat?"

Translation:Who is taking the boys?

July 7, 2016

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Can someone please help illustrate the actual sense of this sentence? Is this equivalent to "Who is bringing the boys?" As in, "who is bringing the boys from home to school?" or is this more like "Who is taking the boys into a car to kidnap them?"

I would appreciate it if someone could offer a context in which this sentence would be used. Thanks.


Who is taking the boys [to school]? Your married, two kids, both boys, they have to get to school tomorrow.


Well, it could mean both, but for me it was the former meaning that first came to mind.


Yeah, the movie "Taken" was translated as "Elrabolva" not "Elvive" :)


When i am picking up kids from soccer, i would ask the other mom, " who takes the boys?" Wait for a reply and load my car with either boys or girls.


Anyone else often confused between "taking", "driving", "buying", and "water"? I would like a lesson to be added just to distinguish these words in all their forms. Here's a good question for such a lesson: "Elvetted a vizem? Veszek vizet. Most meg kell vezetnem, hogy több vizet vásároljak." Just my thoughts.


I obviously badly need that lesson you suggest, as I struggle to understand the example sentence you give! :) Could you give the translation?


take - vesz, elvesz or visz (depending on context)

drive - vezet

buy -vesz

water - víz

Elvetted a vizem? You took my water?

Veszek vizet. I am buying water.

Vezetnem kell, hogy több vizet vásároljak. I have to drive to buy more water. (I took out "most meg" to make it simpler)


Would 'Who carries the boys' or Who brings the boys' also be correct?


"Bring" is good, "carry" not so much. Boys are too large to be carried around like that, so I'd use hord for that one.


I cannot tell her "f" in "fiukat" from "sz." It sounded like "sziukat."


That would who is taking the Sioux (the indian tribe) :D


Isnt "fiukat" singular?


No, it is plural: "boy" is "fiú", "boys" is "fiúk"

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