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"The cat sits while the dogs stand."

Translation:החתול יושב בזמן שהכלבים עומדים.

July 7, 2016



"החתול יושב בעוד הכלבים עומדים" Is it right?


Yes, though a bit formal.


ha-khatul yoshev beezman sh-a-clavim omdim


Dear Duo Hebrew Team: Is attributing gender to an animal a typo? Not in real life. Please fix.

I appreciate that I wasn't marked wrong for writing "the female cat sits " החתולה יושבת but it isn't a typo, either. Many thanks in advance.


Can בזמן mean "during the time" or "whereas", just as "While" can in English?


The differences are very subtle. I think that in English saying "while" draws some attention to the difference in behavior, but weakly so; "whereas" would more strongly draw attention to it. In this way, "בזמן ש" is like "while". The stronger "whereas" may be ואילו, though it's a bit formal for use in ordinary speak.

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