"Does your husband often eat meat?"

Translation:Czy twój mąż często je mięso?

July 7, 2016

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Dlaczego nie pasuje "Czy twój mąż je często mięso?"


Pasuje, dodano.


Does your husband eat often meat, literally in English and it blows my mind.


Excuse me, how would this sentence would look like if I wanted to use Formal You?


Czy pani mąż często je mięso?

(or "pana/pański mąż" for a homosexual couple)


I am confused about "mieso and miesa. I read 2 sentences where they were both objects but spelled with o and/or a. Please explain.


If it's a direct object of a negated verb, it will take the genitive case: "Mąż nie je mięsa."

If there's no negation, it will take the accusative case: "Mąż je mięso."

However, there are some verbs which will require genitive by default.


How can i say this sentence without Czy?


By just omitting it and not changing anything else.


it is wrong if i say "je twój mąż często mięso?"


It is pretty strange, to say the least.


I may immigrate to Poland soon. Do my strange sentences make me unable to communicate? is it necessary correct myself?


Of course the better your Polish will be, the easier it will be for you here, but most - even ungrammatical - sentences will still be understood, unless your error results in changing the meaning ;)


Czy twój mąż je mięso często - it was marked wrong. Is it? The equivalent word order is fine in English.


Yes, and what works in English doesn't necessarily work well in Polish. There's usually no problem with adverbs at the end of an English sentence, but in Polish that's not that great and gives an emphasis that is rarely natural.

But here, if we imagine that someone thinks eating meat is bad and eating it often is a bad idea... I think this doesn't sound too bad. Let's add it.


Czy wasz mąż często je mięso?


'Wasz' is plural, so this implies talking to several people who share one husband. We don't accept situations involving polygamy in our course.

If you want to a address a woman formally - "Czy pani mąż często je mięso?" is among the accepted answers.

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