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  5. "Is this new wine?"

"Is this new wine?"

Translation:Czy to jest nowe wino?

July 7, 2016



Is it possible to change the order of the words like this: czy wino jest nowe?


In general yes - your proposition is grammatical. However you omitted everything that says „the/that etc”. It is better to say: Czy to wino jest nowe? or To nowe wino?, Czy wino to jest nowe? etc.

In colloquial speech you can also hear:
- A to wino to nowe (jest)?
- (A) Nowe to wino?


I had "czy to wino jest nowe" and it was labeled as incorrect. Is it weird to say it like that?


It's okay on its own, but it's a different sentence. Your answer has "this wine" as the subject. The original sentence has "this" as the subject. We generally keep close to the original grammatical structure, and I don't think we ever accept sentences with different grammatical subject.

I guess your version is more probable generally, but it's just not the same.


So its kinda like, in English, "is this new wine" vs "is this wine new"?


Yes, exactly. In the second sentence, you definitely know it's wine. In the first sentence, maybe it's actually juice ;)


Thank you for the explanation and examples.


Can I say "Czy to wino nowe?"


Why can't I say "czy to nowy wino"? I thought with "to" you didn't have to use "jest".


Yes, but "wino" is neuter, so it's "nowe".


True that! Unfortunately I can't recall whether I got the adjective right in the exercise or not... it seemed like Duo insisted on the "jest". Anyway thanks for the reply! Helps a lot. :)


Do instrumental neutral nominative endings stay the same?


nominative- nowe wino instrumental- nowym winem

you use nominatve after "to jest "

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167 this is part four


I was marked incorrect with Czy to wino jest nowa :( more practice for me!


That would be "Czy to wino jest nowe" (wino is neuter, so it needs the neuter adjective: nowe).

However, that's still a different sentence. The subject in your question is "this wine" (so you know for sure it's wine), the subject in our question is "this". Maybe it looks like wine but it's in fact a bottle of borscht ;)


So is it nowa because wine is feminine?


Ehm... but the answer uses "nowe", not "nowa", and it's because "wino" is a neuter noun.

"nowa" would indeed be used for a feminine noun.


To jest dokładnie to samo jestem Polką więc wiem


Super, ale nikt nie wie, co to jest "to". Pod Twoim komentarzem nie jest napisane, co odpowiedziałaś.


Czy To wino jest nowe też jest chyba poprawną odpowiedzią


Dla angielskiego zdania "Is this wine new?", owszem, byłoby.

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