I was working with duolingo on my I-phone and when I come to a word that has an accent or a tilde over the n, there is no way to do that and then the program fusses at me for "forgetting" them. Where do I find these symbols? They are not on the typewriter on my I-phone.

4 years ago


Long press the letter


4 years ago

You hold down the letter to make an accent. If you hold down U you can get these accents ū ù û ü ú. If you hold N you will get ñ ń. If you ever do German then the symbol that looks like a B is actually a double s symbol which you can hold down S to get ß. Also it will not take away a heart if you miss the accent. Just keep it in mind when you spell it. Have fun learning Spanish. Nice screenshot easuu!

4 years ago
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