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Monthly meetup in Stuttgart, Germany

Hi all,

we, a group of Esperanto speakers of the region of Stuttgart, Germany, are setting up a monthly meetup for Esperanto speakers, Esperanto learners and those who are just interested in Esperanto.

It is explicitly meant to be a meetup which for people, who do not (yet) speak Esperanto. We make sure, that always at least two experienced fluent speakers participate, so that beginners, learners and other interested can ask questions and discuss about Esperanto.

If it's just the five of us, who came up with the idea, we just chat in Esperanto and have a good time. So also for those who are already fluent in Esperanto, this meeting is worth considering.

The next meeting will be on Monday the 11th of July at 19:30. We meet in "Forum3 Cafe" in Gymnasiumstra├če 21, Stuttgart. The place serves drinks and snacks.

So for those living in the region in Stuttgart, we are looking forward to seeing you.

There's also a facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1196753053677806/

2 years ago