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What is your favorite word in the language you are learning!

Hellooooo this is Helen I am just curious about what your favorite word is in the language you are learning. I am learning polish and my favorite word is Jablko it means apple. You can write something in spanish,polish,German and many more just make sure you write what it means because I only know spanish,english,polish so all you do is write your favorite word and pretty much ya. Have amazing time folks!

July 7, 2016



A few of my favourite Polish words I've learnt on Duolingo are:

  • Ciasteczka (Cookies - nominative, plural)

  • Deszcz (Rain - nominative, singular)

  • Dowodów (Evidence/proof - genitive, plural)

  • Kłamstwo (Lie - nominative, singular)

  • Łóżko (Bed - nominative, singular)

  • Mężczyzną (Man - instrumental, singular)

  • Posprzątać (To clean up)

  • Psów (Dog - genitive, plural)

  • Śmierć (Death - nominative, singular)

  • Zamek (Castle - nominative, singular)


I'm learning Polish and so far my favourite word is wspomnienia, it sounds so beautiful to me

[deactivated user]

    It's really difficult to chose just one. Can I chose three? In Czech:

    Zmrzlina - Ice Cream (Probably my favorite)

    Král - King

    Zrcadlo - Mirror


    Great! Of course you may help yourself!


    What language are you learning?

    [deactivated user]

      Czech =)


      Italian definitely =D


      Zrcadlo, that's a fun one. Czech is pretty, how do you learn it?

      [deactivated user]

        It's a very pretty language. Slavic languages sound beautiful to me. I'm taking classes in college. The Slavic department offers Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Russian and Slovenian.


        That's great! Slavic languages are really beautiful.

        [deactivated user]

          I'll still anxiously await for the Czech course to be released on Duolingo though. They are, I would like to learn a few.


          Ob'yatiya (объятия) is one of my favorites-it means hugs in Russian :)

          • 1838

          Hugs in Russian = Ob'yatiya (объятия).

          Hug = Ob'yatie (объятие)

          to hug = obnyat', obnimat' (обнять, обнимать)


          Isn't объятий a form of объятия? Please correct me.

          • 1838

          Russian cases:

          HUGS - Объятия

          1. Nominative: Объятия

          2. Genitive: Объятий

          3. Dative: Объятиям

          4. Accusative: Объятия

          5. Instrumental: Объятиями

          6. Prepositional: Об объятиях

          HUG - Объятие

          1. Nominative: Объятие

          2. Genitive: Объятия

          3. Dative: Объятию

          4. Accusative: Объятие

          5. Instrumental: Объятием

          6. Prepositional: Об объятии


          Pipistrello - bat Cielo - sky, heaven

          Both in Italian ;)


          In Polish, since this is the Polish forum, I'd have to go with wszystko!


          I am learning polish, and my favorite words are "księżniczka" because of how it's different from the other slavic languages (and also sounds beautiful) and "chrząszcz" because of its hard spelling. I also like the verb "potrzebować", it sounds like Russian to me. And of course I think "Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz" is a fun word.


          My favorite is HAMBURGER in Vietnamese. BTW, HAMBURGER is HAMBURGER in Vietnamese. :D


          koszykówka (which is on duolingo)

          zawiniątko (which, afaik, isn't)

          nasza trzylatka jest zawiniątkiem przyjemności


          3rd one sounds disturbing to say at least... don't say it... just don't


          Caoutchouc - Rubber
          Samfund - Community
          Handwerk - Craft


          LOL, you reminded me of a comment I put in one of the lessons. I love "Kobieta" (woman) as it's the only Polish word I seem to know how to spell, LOL. I just started Polish yesterday by the way.

          My main language is French, so I love the Frenchy sounding words: souris (mouse), chaussette (sock), cerise (cherry), soixante (sixty), abeille (bee), poubelle (trash can). They sound so beautiful I may name my child one of these (if I get a child). I just won't tell her that her name means "trash can" in French, haha.


          Never thought that trash can sounds good in French.


          Good luck with your French studies and your Polish. Learning Polish may be hard at times, but you will also enjoy it. It is a very rich language.


          Thank you Lukas_hv! I appreciate the kind words. :-)


          Wieworka!! (squirrel)


          pingwin! (penguin/Polish)

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