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How do you memorize new words?

Hey everyone, I usually don't have a hard time recalling new words, however, I'm now realizing that it takes me much effort to remember even the most basic words being taught in the Hebrew course.

My question is, what do you usually do to make words easier to remember?

Thank you in advance!

July 7, 2016



^ highly recommend checking out Mazzorano's course, it's been a godsend for me.


Thanks, much appreciated.


Thanks! I'll check it out, too.


Does this course contain recordings?




flootzavut's advice was right. Your course is very well done. Thank you for taking time and effort to build it!


Ah, thank you - this seems much better. Sounds with the words! I do understand that the constraints of Duolingo meant that you couldn't do this within Duolingo itself, but I've been seriously struggling without audio for most of the words. I've been learning to read without ever knowing the sounds, so: "The one that looks a bit like a 7", or: "the one that looks like a shepherd's crook". As you may imagine, it's incredibly difficult and not very productive to learn by sight alone like that, and I cannot do any of the audio transcription exercises at all.


Thank you! I should have mentioned I'm already doing that one - but would certainly recommend it to others. Jumping in with whole words (the Duolingo alphabet lessons) just isn't working for me, although it did with Russian. I think the difference is that the Russian alphabet really isn't that foreign, to English speakers - many characters both look and sound similar to their Latin counterparts - only a few unfamiliar ones to learn. Also the Russian course does not have so much missing audio, so you do learn the sounds of what you're seeing, right from the start. I appreciate there was a strategic decision, early on, to use real native speakers, instead of speech synthesis, as there was not thought to be a "good enough" Hebrew version of the latter - but the price has been that you cannot provide audio for individual words. For a complete beginner like me, this has made learning with Duolingo alone a frustrating experience. I am very grateful for the external tools.


Very clear pronunciation with a pleasant voice. An absolutely must-have Memrise course for Duolingo fans.


Pleasant! That's the ultimate compliment anyone can give me...


תודה רבה!


Thanks a ton for that! I absolutely love it!


I had a similar experience---never had a problem with remembering words in languages like Spanish and French, but Hebrew seems more difficult---I think part of the reason is the different script.

At around the 6th level (Animals and Food 1) it wasn't enough to do the lesson anymore. Sometimes the word would only appear once in the entire lesson. My solution was to use a notepad to keep track of the different words, with 3 columns: the English meaning, Hebrew spelling, and a transliteration. I also used some silly mnemonics to help out.

At the 8th level, where I am now (Adj 1, Food 2) I feel forced to use the Memrise course. This works really well. I think it might be worth doing the Memrise before the corresponding material in Duolingo, so that the vocab isn't a problem.


That's what I started to do, and I have to say it works quite well.


For me, writing the words and their meaning helps. Every once in a while I review the list and write down again what words I want to remember.


I can't memorize anything until I put it into a flashcard program and rehearse it periodically. I use Anki flashcard program, it works well for me.


That's what I did when I was learning Esperanto, and it worked quite well. I will probably give it another try. Thanks for sharing!


I usually look through the lessons again and again and again, till i remember the new words and grammar rules.


I've found with Russian (also a different writing system) that learning what words sounded like was especially important to remembering them, although I'm not sure if Hebrew would differ in the ease of writing from the sound of the word.


repeat until you can get through all of them without stopping. like this, Answer, check, answer, check, answer check, (and eventually you'll memorize them all).


I use Memrise, I use anki, the book HILARIOUS HEBREW was/is a big help. Crazy herb.s Hebrew words too. But the best help is Hebrew songs . I pick songs I like and use hebrewsongs.com and lyricstranslate.com . They have translations and transliterations in their sites. I will try to translate lines myself then check my work. And channels like o genius on YouTube that do songs with Hebrew words for learning. (Like today I worked on transliterating the first section of the song "Bati Lachlom" and learning the meaning of any words I didn't know. (I use Reverso app here too, it's got a context search with audio dictionary).

I recommend the Memrise program someone already linked AND I'm learning Modern Hebrew Complete (with audio) on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/364795/

ALSO Hebrew duolingo anki course, it's linked on the Facebook Hebrew duolingo learners page.

I also HIGHLY recommend the book Fluent Forever (Or read the blog posts on his site) because how you memorize is really important to how successful you are. ( I found his book, Fluent Forever, funny and really helpful. To be honest this was surprising, it shows you when and how to memorize based on the science of language and memory. It was funny and chatty, not dry at all. And it works). Some is at his website fluent-forever.com ... A lot of it depends on your learning style, how I thought I would learn best is actually not what happened, so don't be afraid to try different techniques.

I also picked songs with short titles. That had words in that duolingo section. Like "aba, ima, vekol hashar" (mom, dad and all the rest) - eliad is good for this, he's got very short song titles - zman = time, siman = sign, Or = light. (Here's "Or" (light) with transliteration for pronunciation: https://youtu.be/Ncb2ExK3Y0c )

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