"What were you doing last Friday?"

Translation:Mit csináltál múlt pénteken?

July 8, 2016

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Is this supressive case and why? péntek-en


Yes it is and well, that's just how it is. Actually, it pretty much matches English this time, since you say "on Friday" for "pénteken" (in my opinion, a good question would be why isn't it "on last Friday", what magic does "last" do). In Romanian, "on Friday" would be "Friday" literally, in Polish, it would be "into Friday", in German, it would be "at Friday" and these are just rough approximations... one just has to learn locatives and temporals usually.


"Mit csináltatok múlt pénteken?" isn't accepted in a multiple choice question. Is there a reason, or should I report it?


If this is exactly what you got, then yes, you should report it, it's correct too.


Why is the "a" wrong here ? Is it wrong to say "mit csinaktal A mult pénteken?"

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