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  5. "A tasty cake."

"A tasty cake."

Translation:עוגה טעימה.

July 8, 2016



I assume cake is female then?


If I remember correctly, טעים was introduced earlier as a modifier of cake in the masculine, not the feminine.


You do, and this is what is screwing me. Should be taught correctly at first. Frustrates me needing to relearn misinformed or wrong information


That's not possible. Cake עוגה is feminine and only טעימה can be used with it. The only place you could have seen עוגה טעים is in the multiple choice sentences, where they intentionally put wrong answers, to try and confuse you, or in the comment section somewhere in this forum, if a fellow learner wrote it by mistake. But עוגה טעים is definitely a mistake.


You should have gone and tested it for yourself before replying here.

You make yourself look foolish telling us it's not possible when we, and others like us have had to relearn because of it.

We now know it's fem. And unless its recently been changed, earlier exercises taught and allowed masc.


I am also learning Hebrew. I've been learning it since the first day the course was released over three years ago. Every single lesson in the the skills in the first half of the course I've done at least twenty times, and I'm not exaggerating, because I counted! I have written down every single sentence of those skills in my notebook. I've never come across a lesson where it said עוגה טעים. Never. So, I'd say I do know what I am talking about.

But, sure, I'm foolish and I don't know what I am talking about. Let's stick to that and let's downvote people we don't agree with!


I did put טעים and was wrong

[deactivated user]

    Is "טעימה" pronounced "Ta'eemah"?


    Is טעימה singular feminine and טעימות plural feminine?


    I just want to say that I appreciate being able to check the pronunciation, תודה רבה

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