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  5. "The thief was caught."

"The thief was caught."

Translation:Gaeth y lleidr ei ddal.

July 8, 2016



Hmm! Should the gender of the possessive agree with "lleidr" (masculine), or would it change depending on the gender of the person?

Like, if the thief is Bonnie Parker, is it still "ei ddal", or just "ei dal"?

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If the sentence was 'Bonnie Parker was caught' then the possessive would be feminine.

Gaeth Bonnie Parker ei dal

But if the sentence was 'The thief, Bonnie Parker, was caught', the possessive would be masculine to agree with the gender of the noun 'thief', which is the subject of the verb.

Gaeth y lleidr, Bonnie Parker, ei ddal


It must agree with the grammatical gender of the noun. (Thrre are a few nouns which vary in gender with the gender of the person they relate to.)

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