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"Bạn sẽ phải lại trên Sao Diêm Vương vĩnh viễn."

Translation:You will have to stay on Pluto forever.

July 8, 2016


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The term Sao Diêm Vương has a rather interesting history.

In Japanese the term is 冥王星 meióusei or meiousei (unaccented), a Japanese-originated Sino-Japanese compound, literally ‘planet of the king of the underworld’, which is Hades or Pluto.

The term was borrowed to Chinese, where it’s read:

  • Mandarin: Míngwángxīng
  • Cantonese: mìhng wòhng sīng, míhng wòhng sīng
  • Fuzhou: Mìng-uòng-sĭng

In Chinese the term was adapted into 閻王星, replacing Pluto with Yama, originally the Hindu god of death, which was adapted into the Buddhist pantheon as well.

  • Mandarin: Yánwángxīng
  • Cantonese: Yìhmwòhngsīng
  • Hokkien: iâm-ông-seng

And that is the origin of the Vietnamese compound.

November 20, 2016


That doesn’t sound so bad after Trump’s won.


No need to go there. He is trying to transform earth to pluto. Today he is working to cancel the laws to protect the environment and endangered species. Already, US has become "4chan live".


I love the dark humor in this course.

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