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"הקבוצה איבדה שתי נקודות בגלל התיקו."

Translation:The team lost two points because of the draw.

July 8, 2016



Ultara, in soccer if one team wins, it gains 3 points, if it is a draw, both teams get one point. This phrase is mostly used when few teams are racing for a better position in a league table. When one of those teams don't win they consider a draw as a loss of two points rather than the gaining of one.


What is the context of this sentence supposed to be? How would you lose points because of a draw?


They are probably referring to football, in which if you win, you get three points, and when you lose you get only one.


משחק תיקו means a tied game.


Fun fact about the Aramaic loan תֵּיקוּ: According to popular etymology it is an acrostic of תִּשְׁבִּי יְתָרֵץ קוּשְׁיוֹת וּבְעָיוֹת The prophet Elijah would solve such puzzles and questions.


Could you please elaborate? Apart from בעיה and קושי I do not get it, not seeing Elijah in the sentence. Where is this quote from?


Well, תִּשְׁבִּי is a surname of Elijah the prophet who lived in תִּשְׁבֶּה (Kin. I 17.1)


אינגבורג, אתה באמת אדם חכם. טוב שאתה פה. :-)


You'd probably say 'dropped two points'


Is this draw as in "tie game", or draw as in "random selection of groups in a tournament"? Or can the word תיקו mean either?


This means "tie". The second is הגרלה.

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