"Te ismersz bírókat?"

Translation:Do you know any judges?

July 8, 2016

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I typical English parlance, I struggle to see the difference between 'Do you know any judges' and 'Do you know some judges' - seems pretty harsh!


I listen to the intonation and I really don't hear it as a question. Are there any intonation lessons anywhere? I know again Duolingo puts the question mark in as a clue but that's not going to happen with someone speaking. Or am I missing where the 'Do' is?


I have been wondering the same. Is there a way of telling questions apart from statements, or is there anything about the word order that would be more common/only used in questions?


The TTS audio leaves you clueless but questions ought to have different intonation. When you have some question word, it has some implications on the word order but otherwise not really, I don't think a sentence would change spontaneously apart from intonation.


...asking for a friend, of course

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