"Éva kicsiket keres."

Translation:Éva is looking for little ones.

July 8, 2016

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Éva is looking for little ones...


Éva is going to go to jail


Shouldn't "Eva is looking for small ones" be accepted here? It was returned as incorrect when I tried.


It should be accepted, yes.


What is the idea behind this sentence in Hungarian? "Little ones" might mean small versions of anything, or it might mean children.


"kicsik" is commonly used for little children (babies, even). In theory, it could be "little anything" but I can't not think of the mentioned used of "kicsi".


Why it can't be "Éva is looking for small things."?


That would rather be "Éva kicsi dolgokat keres."

With this sentence, "Éva kicsiket keres", we have already established earlier what kind of things Éva is looking for. Cars, for instance. Now we just want to specifiy what kind of cars she's looking for.


Why not "the small ones" - we really don't know what is it that she is looking for so both small and little shall be accepted


"Small" is not the problem here, but "the" is. It's not definite objects that she looks for - that would require the use of the definite article a and the definite conjugation in the Hungarian sentence. She is just "looking for small ones".


Grammatically it may be correct but what indefinite abstract "small ones" eva may be looking for? I can't imagine. it must have been " some small things" as opposed to "some big same things" - and therefore "the small ones" (and NOT the big ones) shall be accepted.


We're still not talking about a specific group of things. Maybe it works better if we modify it a bit:

  • "Ezeket a csavarokat tudjátok használni?"
    "Can you do with these screws?" [holding up a couple of screws]
  • "Nem, kisebbeket keresünk."
    "No, we're looking for smaller ones."

Or maybe:

  • "Milyen bogarakat gyűjt Éva?"
    "What kind of beetles does Éva collect?"
  • "Kicsiket keres."
    "She is looking for small ones."


Also, I'd like to add "kicsi" is commonly used for very little children, like even babies.

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