"A menina escreve as palavras."

Translation:The girl writes the words.

February 2, 2014



Is the word "the" absolutely necessary?

February 2, 2014


Yes, it is.

Portuguese and English have similar article behaviors except for these:

  • Sometimes, if the meanings are general, the plural "subject" of a sentence can have a definite article:

As crianças gostam de doces = Children like candies

  • Singular countable nouns with general meanings can use no determiner:

Eu sou homem = I'm a man

  • Nouns in English that refer to a very general thing, even not in plural and often uncountable will receive a definite article in Portuguese:

Nature is our mother = A natureza é nossa mãe

Aside from these cases, articles will match mostly, including in this sentence here.

January 8, 2016


Apparently so...

May 5, 2014
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