"A székek a pályaudvar előtt szélesek."

Translation:The chairs in front of the train station are wide.

July 8, 2016

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I would normally assume that when someone says "station" that they are referring to a railway station.


Did not accept 'station' as correct translation of pályaudvar, even tho while hoovering over it it shows "(railway) station". The question is, does it only refer to railway stations then or stations in general? Because if I remember correctly, a few lessons earlier it did accept only station as correct answer.


Pályaudvar refers to a train / railway station. Pálya means "rail", udvar is "court".
Larger bus stations can also be referred to as buszpályaudvar, apparently, but normal stops are usually called megálló. What other stations are there?


Stations of the cross?


Oh, neat. :)
Those would be a keresztút állomásai or stációi. (kereszt-út = cross-way)


Thank you, that's nice to know how to say Stations of the Cross in Hungarian. Here's a lingot!


having a slowed down option of the sentence would help


Unfortunately, that's not technically possible with audio records. As you can see, even the button got removed.

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