"Te nem ismersz jó színésznőket?"

Translation:Don't you know any good actresses?

July 8, 2016

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Isn't this also correct: You don't know good actresses?


I agree, it should be correct.


I have the same question.


Don't think there's anything wrong with your translation. Report it. It's still beta.


You don't know any good actors, do you?


actors would be színészeket ... the addition of "nő" in the word specifically means actresses.


"You don't know good actresses?" is wrong?


It's good, just not the most common way to ask a question in English. :)


"Do not you know any good actresess" I just mistyped the "s"-es but it should have been accepted!


It should not. English is a little weird when it comes to contractions. In a question like this you can either start with "Don't you know...?" or "Do you not know...?", but not "Do not you know...?"


no waaaaaay :( I did not know that! I thought that always can be used" Do not, enstead of Don't... Whatever. Thank you


But it should rather still be accepted. We aren't here to learn English, and it's annoying for it to be marked as incorrect when it's still obvious that it was understood.

Maybe there are rare cases where it matters; but for most cases, writing "do not you" instead of "don't you" shouldn't matter. The same goes for other errors like "these dogs is brown".

I know it's incorrect English, but we're not here to learn English.


Some people are here to learn English. Also I don't think Duolingo can cope with so many possible sentences that would have to be added. Where would you draw the line?


I use "Do not you know goof actresses?" Because the contraction Don't sometimes isn't recognized. .. but it was not accepted


English grammar is weird. :)

When you have a negated yes-or-no question like that, the proper order is "do-subject-negation-verb". So you need to write "Do you not know good actresses?" Oddly enough, contractions are able to skip that subject, so you can also say "Don't you know good actresses?"


In conversation in English we do not ask if you know good actresses as much as do you know any or some good actresses.


"You don't know good actresses?" is not a question but a statement and the "?" should not be there. If Duolingo wants question in English, as it is in Hungarian, should recommend "Don't you know...?"


"You don't know good actresses?" is a declarative question. Since it's used to request information, it's a question, and the question mark is appropriate here.


I wrote ir correctly twice and you still mark it as incorrect. It is not fair.

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