"A holland épületek magasak és szépek."

Translation:The Dutch buildings are tall and beautiful.

July 8, 2016

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"The Dutch buildings are high and nice" wasn't accepted.


Well, it is true that everyone in Holland is "high" because they legalized cannabis


The és button is lacking


-------- if the word bank doesn't have the word you're looking for, switch out and type it in yourself . . .

Big 12 nov 19


The tips for Nationality mention that adjectives need to be declined for plurals, so should this be "A hollandok epuletek..."?


It's complicated. Adjectives should be plural sometimes (not always)

But when? See here : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16532192

If the adjective immediately precedes the noun it modifies (this is called an attributive adjective) then the adjective is stays singular.


Why is beautiful in the drop down for szépek, but the algorithm gives an error when used instead of pretty with regard to the buildings. In another previous excercise, beautiful was the correct translation regarding Chinese boys. Why is it being so arbitrary?

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