I'm a Total Addict and Keep Changing My Mind!!

Do they have a "DA"---Duo-holics Anonymous?

"Hi, I'm Larry and I'm a Language Addict"

My addiction was previous to Duolingo. Duolingo is the dealer that keeps us supplied at a simple click which makes things worse lol.... as well as a huge selection which makes for limitless addictive possibilities!

My native language is English and I'm almost native in Spanish because I live in Spain and have lived here for many years. That's fine and normal. But then I discovered French. I became a total French fanatic. Just listening to it every day got me to about a C1 level and it's still my number 1 language love.

Then I discovered Duolingo... And German... (I tested out of the Spanish and French trees since I already had an advanced level) At first it was just a fad. 10 minutes a day. I felt bad because those 10 minutes in German were 10 minutes stolen from listening to radio or TV in French. But I got addicted.... Finished the ENG>GER tree. Then the FRENCH>GER tree. Then the GER>FRENCH tree. Had my second 30 minutes ENG/30 minutes GER language exchange with a native by Skype.

Now it has snowballed. (Thanks a lot Duolingo lol!) I think: I lived 8 years in Catalunya and never learned to speak really. Need to learn that on Duo because it's a shame not too especially since when I watch Catalan TV I understand everything pretty much.

Then reading the forums decide I should do Portuguese because it's "low-hanging fruit" for Spanish speakers. Then I read in the forums that Dutch is much easier than German and easier if you know a little German so of course, got to add that! But all of them only 1-2 lessons per day. Then abandon them all because I need to concentrate on German because it's hard and I want to have a real high level and I'm impatient to progress. Then start doing Italian who knows why, just because it's such a cool language! Then pick them all back up again because I really like them. Then abandon ENG>ITALIAN because I realize I could be doing FRENCH>ITALIAN!!

Then deciding to only make my FRENCH>GERMAN trees gold and only do Italian and Catalan every day.

Then deciding to only do German and Italian daily.

Then feeling sad about it but deciding to let all the others slide again today because I really love German and want to see quick progress and reach a high level!

Yeah, thanks a lot, Duolingo! Seriously though, I absolutely love Duolingo and am addicted. But there are way too many delicious options. I want them all, and yet I want a C1-C2 level. I want to own the language and the culture, not just an A2 level in 20 languages. They are all such beautiful countries, languages, and cultures to me. And living in this wonderful part of the world called Europe......

July 8, 2016


Word, man.

I always try to tell myself this addiction is better than playing Candy Crush or something...

July 8, 2016

Hahaha, I kind of understand how you feel.

I have had this type of feeling, this "I want to know it all" feeling, previously in Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy, Biology, Neuroscience, Programming.....and something similar has happened to me these last few months with languages. But now I know that I cannot know it all, there is so much to learn and so little time, so just enjoy the trip, play with your family (wife, children,....), try to enjoy life in general and relax your mind.

July 8, 2016

It's one of the better addictions to have- free and it increases your knowledge!

July 8, 2016

It is so hard to choose, isn't it.... I am trying to go back over all the trees I have done until I can understand them fully when spoken but I can't resist listening to the ones I already do understand nor resist adding new ones... I have been trying to resist Polish, but I gave in to temptation today. But I also watched German tv, an episode of a series in French, one in Swedish, listened to an audiobook in Swedish and to music in French, German, Swedish, Italian and Spanish.

July 8, 2016

I understand your experience in Duolingo :D I've experienced the same.

July 8, 2016

there is language rehab

July 8, 2016

Don't worry I am the same! For the first year on Duolingo I only studied German and everything was fine. Then in April last year I decided to learn Portuguese and it just snowballed from there. I am a busy school student and shouldn't be studying this many languages but I can't help it! It is my school holidays right now and I have a plan to try every language on Duolingo and then rank them all in the order I like them and then only focus on two or three at a time according to that list. However, I feel like this plan will backfire and I will end up studying an extra 10 language in the space of a week.

July 8, 2016
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HAHA, I just switched from German for English to English for German, I've been always wanting to learn Spanish and French. If I ever do I can do a full circle of languages, maybe German > English > Spanish > French > German ... and then the other direction or other combinations ahhhhhhhhh

July 8, 2016

The World needs more Duolingo!

July 8, 2016

Hahahha yes, it's really addicting. I haven't learned yet french, english and italian at all, and all days I want to start a new language. It's important to controle yourself to don't waste time and learn (well) some languages, then you will can try with some others! As you say, it's better to learn really good some languages than to learn a little of a lot of languages.

July 8, 2016

Impressive! I use to have a bunch of different languages on Duolingo but since I'm only fluent in English, I decided to choose one language and stick with it. At first I was rocking German, and I liked it but then...I discovered the beautiful language that is French. It was literally love at first listen. I tried doing both at the same time but I wasn't getting anywhere. So then I had to choose, German, the first language I decided to stick with, and put lots of time and effort into... Or French, the language I just started but absolutely love... Well, as you can tell I ended up choosing French. I won't lie, I just started French two days ago and I'm so addicted. I've been doing French over and over for about an hour now. :)

July 9, 2016

I started way way back (far before my present streak yes. This was 2012.) with French with a friend, then thought I might as well do German since I'd studied it a little before... a little later on with the app I started ALL the languages that were then available--those two, and Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Residing in the US as I do, Spanish is relatively useful and almost the default second language around here, although that led to my having an ambivalent past with it. I have avoided getting very far into Portuguese since it could more easily be confused with Spanish but honestly every so often I get an itch to do a little Portuguese.

I finally took up German in earnest at about the beginning of this streak because I'd made a German friend, and added Spanish about 8-9 months afterwards, in part because another friend was studying it over the summer. These are the two trees I've completed, though I've yet to get them totally gold. (Spanish is close, maybe, though) I've wanted to put Russian next, although I'm somewhat hampered by using different computers much of the time which don't have Russian keyboards installed, and the need to continue studying Spanish and German for offline commitments. . I'm also a little bit in love with the two Celtic languages here on Duolingo, even if I don't understand their phonology at all at this point.

I also ended up doing about half the Esperanto tree within a week just because I was curious and was progressing through it pretty fast. But of course I've tried almost every language available to me on here...

(And yes, I also have this sort of craving for knowledge with regard to other fields...)

July 9, 2016
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