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"The singer travels back to America."

Translation:Az énekes visszautazik Amerikába.

July 8, 2016



singer = énekes /férfi, vagy nö/ tehát Az énekes visszautazik Amerikába helyes mondat hiába nem fogadja el.


First time I tried it with: Az enekesnö visszautazik Amerikába. That marked wrong, because I have not such an accent on the ö, which was marked wrong. Second time I wrote: Az enekes visszautazik Amerikába. This was marked wrong, because it should be énekesnö. (???) So, whatever I write, it is wrong!!! What can I do. to go on with the lesson?


The sentence with énekes should be accepted. To your ő problem: I recommend copying with ctrl-c, ctrl-v a sentence with ő to a text or doc file. And you can always copy it from there when needed.


A very good idea, thank you! :-)


Don't you get a set of accented characters you can click on? That always appears below the box where you type in the translation, when it's English -> Hungarian.


On my windows smartphone not, but now i change the language on my phone into Hungarian.


on the android app it isn't there either.

It's annoying because my (android) keyboard only supports 3 languages and I'd need the symbols of a fourth one for another duolingo course (not Hungarian).


You should be able to hold down the o key do get access to the other letters, ó, ö, and ő. Likewise with the u key.


Not with the keyboard I'm using. I like it because of the good word predictions, which speed up my writing. However, it only supports (the characters of) three languages.


Strictly speaking, it is ő you need here and not ö.


how would i say he comes back from america


I guess, the same sentence with Amerikából.

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