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  5. "היא עורכת דין."

"היא עורכת דין."

Translation:She is a lawyer.

July 8, 2016



So, עורכת looks like the form of a word as used for compounds, yes? So a something of something... anyone know what the individual words mean?

... okay, then I saw עורך as the masculine form so I'm guessing my earlier assumption was wrong. I'd still like to know what the individual words mean though! :D


It comes from the word "לערוך" which means "to edit". "עורכת" by itself is the female form of "עורך" which is an "editor".

So the literal translation of the word "עורכת דין" would be "a law/trial editor"


You beat me to my edit! I saw the masculine version and realised I'd made an incorrect assumption.

So then דין is law? Thank you! I always remember stuff better if it's not just random words but actually makes sense in my brain :D


Haha, yeah דין can mean either a law or a trial, just edited myself there too :)


Haha, glad it's not just me! Cool, Thanks :D


Long time no see, they call you floot!


Regarding the etymology of עורך דין, note that this combination is Mishnaic, so earlier than the common modern sense of ערך - edit. The original meaning(s) of ערך are around putting things in a certain order. Amusingly, the combination in the Mishna probably started as a copy error, from ארכי דיינים, where ארכי is greek-origin. If you're into heavy Hebrew reading, https://hebrew-academy.org.il/2010/11/08/עורך-דין/.


By compound form, I think you mean סמיכות. But as you already figured out, this is a feminine form.


Din - judgement.


Is הם עורכי דין the correct plural ?


She practices law?


Tricky, but no, I think that עורכת דין is the feminine form of עורך דין -- lawyer.


Why are answers with typos wrong? Choosing an א instead of an ע, or a ח instead of a כ shouldn't be marked as wrong, especiallyin a listening exercise. Can you please adjust this in your algorithm.

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